Size Medium
Location A spacecraft
Climate None
Unlockable "Planet X" on Normal

The Spaceship map revolves around a human-made vessel that was attacked by the TimeSplitters. Evidence of this is Challenge 9A, where the briefing outlines that your spaceship was attacked by TimeSplitters and the whole crew was decimated, bar one sole survivor. Many plasma scorch marks riddle the walls and broken glass can be seen in the level.

The level itself is split into three levels, and is made up of several twisting corridors that are broken up by small rooms at intersections, some of which contain machines that show holographic readouts, as well as what appears to be the bridge. Several other spacecraft can be seen flying in formation through the ship's windows.

Although getting to the bottom floor is somewhat simple if you know the layout, it's not immediately clear how to get on the upper floor. Inside of the room with the green grid on the floor, one of the alcoves has a destroyed vent covering. Going inside of the vent will take you to the upper floors. In four-way Capture the Bag, this is necessary since one of the teams are located up there.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceship

Timesplitters 1 showcase Spaceship

Spaceship video