Spaceport (TSFP)
Size Large
Location Unknown
Climate Clear day in a valley spaceport
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots SecuriDroid XP
Brother Bartholomew
Sister Faith
Candi Skyler
Koozer Mox
Time Assassin
Angel Forge
Recommended Weapons Sci-Fi Handgun (x2)
Dispersion Gun
Proximity Mines

The Spaceport is one of the biggest maps in the entire series. The setting of this map is in a futuristic spaceport surrounded by barren hills on a nondescript planet, with a hovering ship serving as the middle ground. The map's length is caused by the red and blue base's distance from one another. The bases are placed directly above and below each other with the red base placed in a generator room below the computer room, which serves as the blue base.

Monkey Gun

The Spacecraft docking at the Spaceport

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