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Space Vandals
Game TimeSplitters
Section 9
Mode Last Stand
Map Planet X
Character R108
Bots TimeSplitter 1
TimeSplitter 2
Rewards TimeSplitter 1
Requirements 25000

Space Vandals is a Challenge in TimeSplitters. It involves a Last Stand mission on Planet-X, trying to prevent the TimeSplitters from destroying a group of crystal formations for as long as possible. It is recognized by many fans as the hardest challenge of the game, and is often compared to Mansion on Hard. It comes after Flight Delay, and is the last challenge of TimeSplitters 1.

Briefing Edit

Those pesky TimeSplitters don't know why when to stop. Now they're trying to destroy the crystal formations on Planet-X. Make a stand and try to stop them. You must score at least 25000 points.

Strategy Edit

Be very fast killing the Splitters, try to remember the pattern, and keep replaying until you beat it.

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