Sorry, Was That Your Bag?
Game TimeSplitters
Section Section 7
Mode Capture The Bag
Map Mall
Character Gingerbread Man
Bots Dr. Katje Nadir

Dr. Seth Graven
Badass Cyborg
Female Cyborg
Siamese Cyborg
Fishwife Mutant
Insect Mutant
Priest Mutant

Rewards Enemies turn to Gingerbread

Sorry, Was That Your Bag? is Challenge 7-B from the original TimeSplitters. It involves playing Capture The Bag at the Mall. It comes after Shop 'Til you Drop and before Everyone Must Go!

Briefing Edit

Doctors Graven and Nadir are having a little trouble down at the mall. Seems to be some confusion over who's shopping is in which bag. Sort it out by helping them with a score of at least 5 in 3 minutes.

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