Sock it to Them
Sock it to them
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Retro Chique
Mode Assault
Map Training Ground
Character Mr. Socky
Accompanied by
Mr. Socky
Enemies Encountered Handyman x9
Rewards Bronze : Mr. Socky
Medal Requirements Bronze : 04:00.0
Silver : 02:40.0
Gold : 01:50.0
Platinum : 01:00.0
World Record : 00:28.9
(An Empty Box)

Sock it to Them is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Elite League Assault Challenge in which you and another Mr. Socky face up to several Handymen.


The Handymen have seized the high ground in the Training Ground and are firmly dug in. It falls to you, Mr Socky, to lead your brave platoon of freshly laundered wool knit comfy comrades in a daring assault on their position. They've made a fool of you one time too many and its time they paid the price.


I'm not going to lie, this one is tricky. I'm no expert at it, but I did beat it several times. Here is what I suggest: before you ever head out from the first base, make sure you grab the Soviet Rifle and the Grenades, and maybe the Tactical-12 Gauge as well.

When initially leaving the base, there is one turret on that little side bunker to the left of your base's entrance. Shoot it with the Soviet Rifle to take it out.

Handymen will come pouring down that canyon hill nonstop. My advice: try avoiding them as much as you can, but don't be afraid to toss grenades when you see a group of them aiming at you (if it's just one, you may wish to kill him, if it's just two, you may wish to simply run, but if it's more than that, you're probably best off using a grenade if they're after you, if they're not after you, then don't give them any reason to be).

The entrance to the canyon and the canyon itself has a number of annoying auto turrets. I recommend using grenades on them.

After getting the checkpoint at the waterfall, try to stick to the right side of the path, where there is an armor pick-up and a Tactical 12-Gauge. Handymen often try to attack you here, it may be worth your while to simply run around the rock so that they can't directly shoot you, and let them find your buddy to attack (yes, he is going to die *a lot*, his main purpose is distraction, sadly).

Your job is to take out the barrels. A lot of them are behind the buildings (and one is on the second floor of that one building on the right - facing from the canyon). There are two (maybe three) autoguns here, but there's enough cover to generally ignore them. The Tactical 12-Gauge works well on the barrels.

After destroying them all the barrels, you're supposed to go into that hallway in the building on the right with two stories (though this hallway is on the first floor) and destroy all the machinery in there. You can shoot them all up with any gun, but this will take a while since you'll have to shoot each part multiple times. I found the best thing to do is to just toss around about 4 grenades at the different machines, and the splash effect will be more than enough to handle the different parts you have to destroy. Worth noting: there are no machines you have to destroy on the catwalks in that room, but there are probably grenades or mines up there if you're desperate.


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