Sniper Rifle
Sniper pic
Ammo TS1
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS1 : 3.25 per second
TS2 : 1.5 per second
TSFP : 1.4 per second
Reload Time TS1 : TS1 SRT
TS:FP : 2.5 Seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
TSFP: Instant kill/35%/14.5%
TS2: Instant kill/30%/12.5%
TS1 : 100%/45%/18%
Type Ballistic
Native Timezone 1969 - 2019
Zoom TS1 : x7.5
TS2 : x15
TSFP : x14
Primary Fire Single shot
Secondary Fire Single shot
Games All

The Sniper Rifle is a long-range weapon featured in all three games. It has a powerful scope, good for aiming at enemies hundreds of yards away. However, it may be difficult to hit a fast moving target. Also, as with most snipers, the Sniper Rifle is a terrible weapon for close combat.

The Sniper Rifle is mostly used in stealth missions, such as 1990 Siberia. In TSFP, it makes a reappearance in the 1969 levels, but with a metallic appearance, rather than a wooden one. Despite this, the Vintage Rifle retains the wooden look and is given a new scope, and dramatically resembles the one used on the Sniper Rifle in TS2.

In TS1, when "if best" is switched on, the Sniper Rifle ranks as the 10th worst weapon, the same level as the Scifi Sniper Rifle and Colt Pistol (x2). The weapon is sligtly weaker in TS2. However, all games have an instant kill with headshots in Arcade.

In TS2, the Sniper Rifle shares ammo with the Vintage Rifle.

In TimeSplitters the sniper rifle resembles the Heckler & Koch P-SG1. In TimeSplitters 2, it bears a resemblance to the Walther WA2000. Also, in its TimeSplitters 2 iteration, it resembles the Sniper Rifle found in the video game Goldeneye 007 for the N64. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect it resembles an AWP.

Sniper Rifle TS1

The TS1 Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle TS2

The TS2 Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle TS3

The TS3 Sniper Rifle

Trivia Edit

  • In the original TimeSplitters, the Sniper Rifle does not have a unique scope. Instead, it uses the same default crosshair, as every other weapon in the game. It can also zoom out all the way; something impossible in the 2 later games.
  • The Sniper Rifle originally had a laser sight in TimeSplitters 2, but it was removed before the final release.
  • The Sniper Rifle in TSFP fires .308 FMJ rounds. This can be seen by looking at the Sniper Ammo box preview in MapMaker.
  • In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, bots seen holding the sniper rifle are seen to be firing from the hip, which should have a severe effect on accuracy.
  • In TS1, the sniper rifle seems to have a silencer, but its sounds are given to the TS2 vintage rifle, which lacks one.
  • If equipped with a Sniper Rifle in the TimeSplitters 2 or Future Perfect Mapmaker, Story AI which would otherwise be unaware of the player due to distance, are able to spot the player across the entire map.


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