Silenced Pistol
Ammo 8/52
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Approx. 2 p/s
Reload Time TS2 SRT (1 sec)
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Native Timezone 1972 - 2019
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires Bullet
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TimeSplitters 2

The Silenced Pistol is a pistol mainly used for stealth kills in the Siberia story mission and also used as your main weapon in the Atom Smasher mission. Due to its weak nature, careful aiming is advised when engaging enemies with this weapon. Because of its silencer, the pistol can kill a target without alerting anyone next to the person you have killed. You can also dual-wield them, making them twice as efficient.

The Silenced pistol shares ammo with the Luger and Silenced Luger.

This weapon can be likened to the Pistol on TS1 and the Pistol 9mm on TSFP.

Silenced Pistol

The Silenced Pistol when held and dropped

Silenced Pistol x2

Dual Silenced Pistols and spawn-model


  • The Silenced Pistol in TS2 must be a USP or a P99 with a silencer as the gun's name in the game says, but also with an unusable flashlight attached to the gun, as can be seen.