Silenced Luger
Silenced Luger
Ammo 7/60
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Approx. 3 p/s
Reload Time TS2 SRT (1 sec)
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Native Timezone 1932
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires bullet
Secondary Fire Fires bullet
Games TimeSplitters 2

The Silenced Luger only varies slightly from its non-silenced counterpart, the ordinary Luger Pistol. This version of the Luger Pistol has a quieter shot, much like the Silenced Pistol. This gun is significant because there seems to be no way to unlock it for use in custom weapon sets. It is present only in certain Story levels (Chicago, where it becomes essential for evading certain enemies), missions and some pre-made sets for Arcade Custom. It is debated whether this was intentional or a mistake of the game programmers.

The only way this pistol can be used in a user-created map is if you load up the 'Porridge Bust' sample map that features it, and then delete everything else EXCEPT for the Silenced Lugers. You may begin building your map and will be able to place them as you would a normal weapon at this point.

In Timesplitters: Future Perfect, the equivalent of this firearm, the "Kruger 9mm" has a silencer set as its standard alternate fire mode.

The Silenced Luger shares ammo with the Silenced pistol and the Luger (of course).