Siamese Cyborg
Species Human/Cyborg
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2005-2035
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters 1
Siamese Cyborg is a generic Cyborg character in TimeSplitters 1. They consist of two bodies with one pair of legs. The second body is attached by the side and back of the first with both of their heads connected as well. Both heads count as headshots, so shooting either one produces the same effect.



TS1 Siamese Cyborg Small Siamese Cyborg

Unlock Complete Cyberden on Easy in 50s
Gesture Says "Hey! Come on" whilst taunting the player with hands. Then points towards player saying "You!" then points to himself, "and me! Let's go!"
The Siamese Cyborg appears as a generic enemy in the Cyberden level, as well as making a brief appearance in Spaceways. He also appears in several challenges and two bot sets.


2005, CyberdenEdit

Main article: Cyberden (Story)

During the Cyberden mission, the Siamese Cyborg is one of several Cyborg enemies who are trying to defend their plans from being seized by Deacon Swain and Chastity Detroit.

2035, SpacewaysEdit

Main article: Spaceways (Story)

In the Spaceways mission, a pair of Siamese Cyborgs make a brief appearance, lobbing grenades at R-108 and Gretel as they make their way towards the Yareel Express.