Shrinking From the Cold
Ze TSWiki Arcade 1 Shrinking From The Cold
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Mode Madness
Mode Shrink
Map Siberia
Character Lt. Frost
Enemies Encountered Nikolai
Sgt. Shivers
Rewards Silver: Shrink
Gold: Private Sand; Sgt. Slate
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 Kills
Silver: 10 Kills in 4 min 30.0 secs
Gold: 10 Kills in 3 min
Platinum: 10 Kills in 50.0 secs
Record: 10 kills in 23.5 secs (Fitzy)

Shrinking From the Cold is a pretty straightforward match that introduces the Arcade mode, Shrink. It takes place at Oblask Dam, which is primarily featured as the first level of TimeSplitters 2's Story Mode, and is unplayable in Arcade Custom matches.


The Time Portal has caused spacetime anomalies around the Dam. People have been shrinking! Lt. Frost, Nikolai and Sgt. Shivers have spiced up guard duty by making a game out of it. Remember, you won't win if there's anyone bigger than you!


The Minigun is by far the best weapon in this match. It's located on top of the smallest building that was initially locked in Story Mode, so grab it, and be sure to hit the secondary fire button to activate the auto-rotation. After that, all that is required is to search for the enemies and dispatch of them quickly.

  • Another strategy is to use the Remote Mines, as they are just as effective as the Minigun, but require a different means of use. It all comes down to what you prefer.

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