Shotgun pic
Ammo TS1 : 2/98
TS2/TSFP : 2/38
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS1 : 4 per second
(4 metal "shots" with each bullet)
TS2 : 6 per second
Reload Time TSFP: 2.75 seconds (first shell 1.5 seconds)
TS2: (1 sec)
Damage (per Single Shot)
TS1: 100%/100%/100%
TS2: 18%/12%/6.25%
TSFP: 50%/30%/20%
(Note: These are the damage rates for one of
the four shots used in a bullet.)
Type Shotgun
Native Timezone 1895 - 1994
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires one shotgun shell
Secondary Fire TS1 : Fires less accurate shot
TS2/TSFP : None
Games All

The Shotgun is a break-action, breech-loaded, double-barreled shotgun that accepts 12 gauge shells. The shotgun has no magazine; the only rounds loaded are in the two chambers. This means that it can only fire twice before a reload is needed.

The Shotgun has appeared in every TimeSplitters game so far.


The Shotgun is extremely effective at close range. A close-up shot to the head is almost always an instant kill. Before you engage an enemy, make sure you have two rounds loaded. You should move in as close as you can before you fire, and move around in a random pattern by strafing while you reload. This makes you much harder to hit.

Each time a round is fired from the shotgun, four steel shots (buckshot) are released. In TimeSplitters 1, the shotgun's primary fire releases a burst in a seemingly wider spray than with the secondary fire, allowing for more damaging shots at close range and more accurate shots at mid-range.

The Shotgun is less effective when fired from mid-range, and nearly useless when fired from long range, so always get as close to your enemy as you can for maximum efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the TimeSplitters Future Perfect shotgun has the longest reload time because the reload animation of ejecting the empty shells and reloading appears onscreen, whereas in the previous TimeSplitters games the weapon does appear to be reloaded like a real shotgun to some extent, except both cartridges seem to fly out on their own and new ones are replaced simultaneously, making the process last for little more than 1 second. However, in "panic situations", it's possible to fire one shot off before both barrels have loaded, interrupting the reloading sequence. After firing off the shot, the reloading recommences. (Glitch: If a player interrupts the reloading, it is still possible to "hear" the second shell being loaded as the breach is snapped closed again)

In TimeSplitters 1 and 2, the dual wielded shotguns can also apparently be reloaded simultaneously and in the same time as a single shotgun, not much more than 1 second.



In the original Timesplitters, the shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons even at mid-range. The shotgun becomes an even deadlier weapon when the player wields the shotgun x2. The shotgun usually takes 1 to 2 shots to kill an enemy without armour. Primary fire in TS1 gives a finer spread of buckshot, whereas the secondary fire is a much wider spread, which is the same as the firing options for the Blunderbuss and the Assault Shotgun.

When "if best" is switched on, the Shotgun ranks as the 12th best weapon on TS1, on the same level as the Assault Rifle and Uzi (x2). When dual-wielded, the Shotgun (x2) is the 6th best weapon, on the same level as the Assault Shotgun and Scifi Handgun.

TimeSplitters 2Edit

The Shotgun stayed the same from the original TimeSplitters through to TimeSplitters 2, still able to be dual-wielded, but with a little more detail on the design. It shares ammo with the Tactical 12-Gauge.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

The shotgun in Timesplitters Future Perfect has a slower reload time, fire rate, and less accuracy then shotguns in the previous games. Although it can not be dual-wielded, the shotgun is still a powerful weapon in TSFP.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the original TimeSplitters, due to the spread of the shotgun, firing it off at long ranges may cause a "random headshot", meaning that one slug from the weapon has hit the head of the target, dealing extreme damage and usually killing them. This tactic may not be too effective, but it can be used at low health with a lot of ammo left (Can be demonstrated in Planet X).
  • Also in the original TimeSplitters the shotgun has a unique animation compared to other weapons that only lower down the screen making a "click" sound. At first the shotgun breaks open, ejecting the shells, lowers down and the snaps shut back, returning to idle position. The whole animation takes about 0.5 seconds.
  • A small error in TimeSplitters Future Perfect occurs if you reload while one shell is still in the Shotgun. The Shotgun empties its rounds and reloads, yet when the first shell is put in, the ammunition counter already says "2/2",
  • A similar error in TimeSplitters Future Perfect is also present. When you run out of rounds but you only have one bullet in reserve, in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, your player still reloads the weapon with two rounds.
  • A direct blast on standard bots in TimeSplitters 2 won't kill them.
  • In TS1, the Shotgun has it's stock intact while the barrels have been sawed off. In TS2, the first person model of the Shotgun has both the barrels and stock cut down, while the weapon's third-person model appears to have no modifications. In TSFP, the shotgun's first person and third person models are at full size. Neither the barrels nor the stock have been sawed off.