Shop 'Til you Drop
Game TimeSplitters 1
Section 7
Map Mall
Character Gingerbread Man
Accompanied by
Mary-Beth Casey
Peekaboo Jones
Enemies Encountered Blue Team
Badass Cyborg
Female Cyborg
Tuxedo Cyborg
Yellow Team
Fishwife Mutant
Hick Hyde
Priest Mutant
Rewards Gingerbread Man bot
Medal Requirements 15

Shop 'Til You Drop is Challenge 7-A in the original TimeSplitters. It involves Shopping at the Mall. It comes after Heist and before Sorry, Was That Your Bag?


Help Peekaboo and Mary-Beth with the weekly grocery run. Be careful though as the Mutants and Cyborgs are doing their shopping too! Checkout 15 items in 3 minutes.


Run down an aisle and find a bag and bring it back. Fail to find one, look down the next aisle. Easy. When other teams have the bag, kill them. All of the bases are next to each other so you just kill them, go one space left and run into your point.

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