Shock Trooper
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2000
Related Characters Male Soldier
Female Soldier
Gasmask Soldier
Games TimeSplitters 1
The Shock Trooper is a generic soldier character found in TimeSplitters 1. The Shock Trooper's camouflage colour scheme is different to that of the other soldier characters; while their uniforms are green and black, the Shock Trooper's consists of charcoal grey and pale brown.



TS1 Shock Trooper Small Shock Trooper

Unlock Complete Docks on Hard in 7m
Gesture Steps forward and back saying "Sir yes sir!"


2000, DocksEdit

Main article: Docks (Story)

The Shock Trooper's sole appearance in TimeSplitters (Game) is during the Docks level, in which they attempt to stop Jacques Misere and Olga Strom from seizing a ransom payment. They typically appear within the warehouse where the ransom pickup can be found.

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