Shame If Something Got Broken
Game TimeSplitters 1
Section 4
Map Site
Character Fingers McKenzie
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards N/A
Medal Requirements 69 in 1 minute 10 seconds

Shame If Something Got Broken is Challenge 4-A in the original TimeSplitters. It involves breaking glass at the Site with dual Miniguns. It comes after Bowl Them Over and before Don't Wait Around.


Well, well. Looks like somebody forgot to pay the protection money down at the Site. Shoot all windows and marble cladding to help their memory. Quickly though! The watchman will be back in just over a minute.


This one is quite simple if you have memorized all glass panels.

There are four glass panels in the middle building on each side, two behind you, two on the right side on the building behind you and the rest on the furthest building.

As soon as you start, shoot the glass panels as quickly as you can. The glass panels on the right can be the last glass memorized by new players so don't forget them. You can shoot the lower one through the other lower window and the higher one by going right until you can see it.

On the furthest building against the wall, any small pieces of glass can be easily overlooked. Try and look carefully. Also, don't forget the small black pieces are glass too.

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