Species Robot
Size Large
Native Timezone 2315
Related Characters ChassisBot
Games TimeSplitters 2

Sentrybot in Timesplitters 2.

The SentryBots appeared in TimeSplitters 2 as a type of Robot adapted by the Machinist to help with security. They are large Robots with slow agility and high stamina level. The SentryBot appears immune to headshots, despite having an apparent 'head' section.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 SentryBot SentryBot

Star 5
Unlock Arcade League > Amateur League > It's a Blast > Night Shift with a Gold or better
Gallery Adapted from old security robots by the Machinist, the SentryBots are programmed to kill anything that moves.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
17/20 4/20 20/20

The SentryBot first appears in TimeSplitters 2. They appear in the Story mode mission set at the Robot Factory, in which they are fairly slow but fairly hard to kill. Outside of Story mode, it makes several appearances in the Arcade League, as well as a single appearance in a Challenge and a bot set.


  • On Robot Factory (Story), Night Shift and Demolition Derby the SentryBot has a unique death animation, falling backwards with its arms detaching at the same time. The arms twitch around on the ground before the body disappears.
  • The SentryBot's character model seems to draw inspiration from the Super Battle Droid from the popular franchise, Star Wars.

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