Screw Loose
Screw loose
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Slash 'N Grab
Mode Team Thief
Map Mars Prison
Character Prison Officer
Enemies Encountered Brains x6
Rewards Bronze : Candi Skyler, Prison Officer
8-bit Color (GameCube version only)
Medal Requirements Bronze : 25 points
Silver : 25 points in 04:00.0
Gold : 25 points in 03:30.0
Platinum : 25 points in 03:00.0
World Record : 25 points in
00:59.3 (Ace, ElitePhoenix)

Screw Loose is a hard match in the elite league in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. This match is a Team Thief, which you cannot play on the main-arcade.

Briefing Edit

Things used to be pretty quiet at the Martian Penal Institute for the Correction of Delinquent Undead Space Monkeys, but then there was an initiative offering financial incentives for reducing overcrowding in the cell blocks. Prison Officer Jonas reckons that means "shoot inmates for cash prizes". Go figure.

Strategy Edit

Well the main problem here is that being outnumbered means that it's easy to be ganged up on. More importantly, because the monkeys often travel together, when one dies the coin falls onto them, giving them points. Kill them and pick up the coins and kill any if they get close to a coin.

A Good strategy is to use your fists. Usually, a punch is an instant kill, and you also generally pick up the coin because of your proximity to the monkey. Avoid large clusters of monkeys - single out individual ones and punch them.

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