Size Normal
Location A Robot Dump
Climate Night
Unlockable Arcade League > Mode Madness
> Scrap Metal with Bronze or better
Recommended Bots Cortez
Corporal Hart
Gretel MkII
R One-Oh-Seven
Recommended Weapons Scifi Handgun
Plasma Autorifle
Homing Launcher

Scrapyard is a playable map in TimeSplitters 2. The majority of the level is a large open dump full of large, futuristic crates and what appear to be ruined sections of buildings. There is a small interior area along one side, with a passageway leading to a tower ideal for sniping into the central area.

In Assault a door located within the small interior section is unlocked, allowing access to a mass of tunnels that lead down beneath the level, reminiscent of TimeSplitters' Tomb level. This new area more than doubles the size of the level, but it is only accessible in Assault and the challenge []

Appearances Edit

This map appears in several challenges as well as arcade leagues.

  • []

Playable ModesEdit

All Arcade Custom modes are playable.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, the menu shot shows the cooling towers that are only accessible during assault.
  • A crashed rocket which appears as outside of the playable arena has the letter "CCCP," which are the initials of the Soviet Union, in Russian.

The crashed Soviet Rocket lies outside the bounds of the map.

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