Scrap Metal
Ze TSWiki Arcade 2 Scrap Metal
Game Timesplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Mode Madness
Mode Vampire
Map Scrapyard
Character Female Trooper
Enemies Encountered ChassisBot
Rewards Bronze: Scrapyard
Gold: ChassisBot
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 Kills
Silver: 10 Kills in 4 mins
Gold: 10 Kills in 3 mins
Platinum: 10 Kills in 1 min 5.0 secs

Scrap Metal introduces you to the Vampire Game Mode. A bar at the top of the screen depletes with time, and the only method to replenish it is to kill your opponents.


UltraNet headquarters want this ChassisBot disposed of as quickly as possible. Although not heavily armored, it is very agile, so be careful! Power drained from the ChassisBot will refresh you EnviroSuit batteries - don't let them run down!


  • There is only one opponent in this Vampire match, which makes the prospect of the gauge emptying all the more potent. Equip a no-nonsense, fast-killing weapon, such as the Homing Launcher or Plasma Autorifle. Track down the ChassisBot always, as there is very little time to waste. Not every kill will fully refill the vampire gauge. Stick to the big, open-roofed area, because this is where the most respawn points are.
  • An alternative strategy, which should easily give a gold, or platinum with perseverance and some luck needed, is to use the Lasergun, so find it as quickly as you can. Have the weapon change option set to never. If you have even the slightest idea where the enemy is then fire in continuous bursts, for this reason you will need to keep picking up the Lasergun to keep ammunition topped up. Use the radar, run towards the enemy, and even if you can't see the robot, fire continuously in the direction the radar says it is. The max damage power-up is in an awkward place, but pick it up if you're near it. Stay in the outside area and make your way to the middle while watching the radar if waiting for the enemy to respawn. Keep an eye out for the glowing effect around a respawn and fire towards it. Get to know the respawn points and the routes the enemy tends to take from them. Also, hope the robot doesn't respawn inside too much as it wastes valuable time.


  • Despite being the match where the mode is introduced, you do not actually unlock Vampire in this challenge. Rather, you unlock it in a completely irrelevant challenge, Demolition Derby.

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