Secret Boss GlitchEdit

Secret Boss Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
- Scotland the Brave unlocked
Finder ILHI

When you go into the room with the lift where Crow escapes, if you move fast enough there is a way you can catch him and have a duel with him. He won't have gone down the lift and you can keep shooting him. He won't die as he's invincible. He does have a gun and he will shoot you. If you run away and come back, it will all be fixed.

Stairs GlitchEdit

Stairs Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
- Scotland the Brave unlocked
Finder TSbuster

There is a glitch that can be done in room with the three cameras near the two prison cells:

  • Put on your Uplink and switch it to map mode.
  • Go up the stairs and then slowly walk over the edge of the stairs. If you did it correctly you will fall down into the wall under the stairs.
  • Walk out of the wall and you will fall, and then you will see the sky. Use the map from the Uplink to guide yourself through the level.

Note: While you're in the glitch, you can walk through some other walls as well.

TSFP Scotland the Brave glitch05:48

TSFP Scotland the Brave glitch

Truck GlitchEdit

Truck Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
-Scotland the Brave unlocked
-Co-op Mode
Finder Koopa64

This Glitch will ONLY work in Co-op mode, the glitch doesn't work in Single-Player Story mode. First off, get to the first checkpoint then clear out the garage and take the truck. Next, drive up the road until you come across a gate with two gate pieces, drive through it then stop. Have Cortez use his Temporal Uplink to pick up a gate piece. Take that gate piece and push it into the truck at the side, between the wheels and box/cab. If you did it right, the gate piece should be stuck in the truck and you can pick it up, which you could not do before. Depending on when and how you shoved the gate piece into the truck, determines what you can pull off, some things you can do with the glitch truck are:

  • 1: Have Capt. Ash climb in the truck and have Cortez help him move the truck over to the cliff side, make sure the truck is facing the cliff with its gate piece side. The resulting position of the truck will sometimes make it climb up the cliff wall.
  • 2: Have Capt. Ash get into the truck and have Cortez help move the truck over the brick fence by the seaside cliff, with the gate piece facing the brick fence. The truck's gate piece will usually fling the truck over the brick fence and into the sea.
  • 3: For something a little more subtle, pick the truck up and dangle it over the edge of the seaside cliff with Capt. Ash inside the truck. Don't try this if you still want to use the glitch truck.
  • 4: The biggest advantage to this glitch is the ability to pick the truck up, which can prove to be rather useful.

The four previous tricks you can only do after the gate you ran through and before the bridge, the following tricks you can only do up at the castle entrance:

  • 5: Pick up the glitch truck and dangle it over the cliff, if you look directly towards the door, the cliff I'm referring to is to the right. If you have Capt. Ash in the truck, you can drop the truck and it will land in the area below where you begin the level. It is very difficult to get the truck below without Capt. Ash resetting back near the castle entrance, but when he does successfully make it to the bottom, the game will become very glitchy.


  • The results WILL vary when trying out any of the above tricks, it all depends on how well you fused the gate piece and the truck together, shoving the gate piece into the truck at an angle will cause the truck to sometimes move by itself and will make it really hard to move the truck via driving it, this is where you may have to pick it up or scoot it across the ground in order to move it.
  • It is usually impossible to remove a gate piece from the truck, although sometimes the gate piece can become dislodged by pulling on it. It all depends on how you stuck the two together.

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