Shield GlitchEdit

Shield Glitch
Requirements TSFP
Finder Extremofire

A minor but inconvenient glitch occurs with the Sci-Fi Sniper. When you run out of your shield while zoomed in with the Sci-Fi Sniper, your zoom resets to its default setting. It isn't permanent.

Two-player Shield GlitchEdit

Two-player Shield Glitch
Requirements TSFP
-Sci-Fi Sniper
Finder Dominic Russell

In multiplayer mode, when player two's shield runs out and the gun display pops up to indicate the switching of weapon modes, player one's gun display will pop up as well and do the switching modes animation with whatever gun they have equipped without actually switching. If player two attempts to activate the shield before it is charged, the same effect will happen. This has not been tested with more two players.

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