The Sci-Fi Sniper Rifle, also known simply as the Sci-Fi Sniper, is a futuristic sniper rifle. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, it features in the future military-based levels, suggesting it was developed as a military tactical/covert weapon. In TimeSplitters 1, it featured in most futuristic timeframes, leaving its origin and creation in dispute.

On TS2, this weapon was replaced by the Lasergun.



Firing high-speed plasma (or scifi) bolts which are red in colour, this weapon can hold a maximum of 10 rounds and uses the same ammunition as other SciFi weapons (raygun, raygun carbine, scifi autorifle). Unlike its TimeSplitters future Perfect counterpart, this has only one fire mode, but its zoom feature is indispensable when picking off long distance targets, especially on high levels such as Planet X

When "if best" is switched on, the Scifi Sniper Rifle ranks as the 10th worst weapon on TS1, on the same level as the standard Sniper Rifle and Colt Pistol (x2).

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

It shoots orange laser bolts and has a temporary, but rechargeable shield, similar to the one found on the Lasergun in TimeSplitters 2. The shield will block almost any projectile, but only if it directly hits the shield. It pays to crouch while using the shield, since shots can still hit the player's legs. The shield cannot defend the user against explosives and ElectroTool beam.

It has magazine of eight rounds and the user can carry a maximum of thirty-two rounds. Headshots are always fatal, but hits elsewhere on the body cause little damage. It first appears in Time To Split (although its only purpose in the level is to take out Time Assassins firing from a bunker), Machine Wars, where it is used to take out many turrets near the middle of the level, and The Hooded Man, where it is used extensively to protect the Past Cortez.

A small glitch can also occur if the shield is activated.

This weapon is the only weapon in the game that contains a temporary frontal shield to help you. With the shield activated, shots cannot hit the middle of the body. Only the feet and head are vulnerable. Crouching covers a larger area, but impedes movement. The shield takes at least 10 seconds to deplete, and depletes faster if hit with any projectiles. After 5 seconds recharge time, the shield recovers to the maximum battery. Contrary to popular belief, the shield does not protect against explosive damage.

2016-01-28 00006

The Sci-Fi Sniper's shield in use.


  • It is very likely that the Sci-Fi Sniper is based off the World War II era Russian anti-tank rifle, the PTRS-41. Like the PTRS, it has a very long length and, if one adds realism to the game, cannot be portable. It also has a magazine compartment identical to the PTRS. The cover on the underside functions exactly like the PTRS; it opens, revealing the magazine. The magazine of the Sci-Fi Sniper is a "box" clip, while the PTRS has a stripper clip similar the the box clip of the Sci-Fi Sniper.
  • In TimeSplitters 1, this weapon uses SciFi ammunition like all its other SciFi counterparts, yet it has a very different visible firing style, suggesting that SciFi weapons use a generic Plasma medium, which is modified within each weapon to give the desired effect.
  • Interestingly, the Sci-Fi Sniper appears in The Machine Wars which takes place in 2243, and in Time To Split which takes place in 2401. This means that The Sci-Fi Sniper is over 150 years old, an exceedingly long period of time.