Sci-fi Handgun
Ammo TS1: 20/500
TS2: 30/200
TSFP: 16/200
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TS1 : Primary : 7.25 bps
Secondary : 5.15 bps

TS2: 6 p/s
TSFP: Semi-Automatic
Reload Time TS2: TS2 SRT (1 sec)
TSFP: 2.25 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
TS1: 100%/19%/8%
Secondary: 100%/75%/30%

TS2: 10%/6.5%/3.5%
TSFP: 24%/17%/12%
Type Firearm
Native Timezone 2005 - 2401
Zoom TS1 : No
TS2 : No
TSFP : Yes
Primary Fire Fires bullet (TS1)
Fires three rebounding lasers (TS2)
Fires blue laser (TSFP)
Secondary Fire Fires ricocheting bullet (TS1)
Slightly slower rate of fire (TS2)
Fires green laser that ricochets of walls (TSFP)
Games All

The TimeSplitters 1 version of this weapon is semi-automatic. It has a magazine capacity of 20 and can fire standard bullets at a fairly fast rate. It also has a secondary fire of low-velocity ricocheting bullets that deal much more damage, though this mode fires fewer rounds per second. These ricocheting bullets can bounce about the room and hit you as well as your opponent.

When "if best" is switched on, the Scifi Handgun ranks as the 6th best weapon on TS1, on the same level as the Assault Shotgun and Shotgun (x2).

The TimeSplitters 2 version of this weapon, while maintaining the same appearance, is significantly inferior to the TimeSplitters 1 version in every way other than magazine size. The primary fire mode ricochets as well as the secondary fire mode, the rounds move much slower, as well as do a significantly smaller amount of damage, and the gun fires in burst of three rather than being controllable by the player. However, the chaos by the insanely bouncing bolts make the area hazardous for pursuers or to suppress an area. Many fans of the game find this version of the Sci-Fi Handgun to be the weakest version. This is mostly due to the slow moving bullets and the surprisingly weak damage, along with fire rate being an issue.

The TS1 variant does exist in the game, however, it lacks a texture and proper firing sprite. It does function somewhat.

The TimeSplitters Future Perfect version of this weapon is a vast improvement over the TimeSplitters 2 model, which was regarded as a rather low-grade weapon. It can fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger, is very accurate, has a high damage rating, and also a small zoom ability. The TimeSplitters Future Perfect version of the weapon has the ability to fire ordinary blue plasma rounds or slower-moving, green, rebounding rounds. The green rounds have the same strength as normal fire. As always, care is advised whilst the rebound function is active, as shots carelessly fired at a wall right in front of you may bounce back at you. Also note that the speed of the shot in Future Perfect ricochets at the same speed.

The compulsory 3-shot-burst has also been removed from this version, but the ability to turn the rebound shots on and off has returned, making it a much more user friendly weapon. It has a magazine capacity of 16 and an unusually large amount of reserve ammo, making it a very useful weapon in your arsenal.

Of course, two Sci-Fi handguns are better then one. In arcade matches against non-computer opponents, there's a trick with the handgun (dual-wielding for best measure) that lets you confuse your buddies, and allows you for a quick getaway within the confusion. This will only work in corridor spaces--the arcade level Bunker is a snap for this throughout the level. When an enemy is chasing you--knowing that you'll probably get hit a few times, turn around, flick the Reflective Bullet function on, and let loose in a spiral around you, aiming only at the walls, floor and ceiling. The sharper the angle that you shoot it off at, the more that this "Bullet Wall" will be concentrated. Your pursuer will probably try to dodge the best he can--and eventually, start to back off from the flood--or just flat out panic. His vision of you will also be obscured by tons of sparks, giving you the few short seconds you need to escape. It is not recommended to try this multiple times in a row, as your opponent may become aware of the tactics.


  • The Sci-Fi Handgun appears in NeoTokyo and Robot Factory. This means that the gun is around 300 years old. However it also appears in Time To Split, albeit a new version. This is strange, as the gun will also appear in the mission Machine Wars as the "new version", indicating that the older Sci-Fi Handgun was kept in production, or was a military surplus.
  • The TS:FP version of the Sci-Fi Handgun seems to have some kind of scope on it, but zooming does not provide a scope reticule, unlike other scoped weapons such as Sniper Rifles.

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