Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Location Vietnam
Character Renzo
Targets Schmidt
The General
Berserker Splitter

Sapper Johnson
Medal Requirements

= 02:40.0

Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It works similarly to the original TimeSplitters's Story levels, but in this you have to kill all enemies in a section before passing to the next.

Briefing Edit

The LZ drop didn't go so well and Samuel Renzo's been separated from the rest of the platoon, and more worryingly - his lunchbox full of ham sandwiches landed in enemy territory. Blast your way through the jungle, grab the lost lunchbox and get to the inexplicable time portal asap. Step to it G!!

Strategy Edit

You start out in the square room before the extraction point in assault mode. You start out with a Tactical 12-Gauge, and you're ambushed by a ton of enemies. The enemies are weak, however, and "blasting through the jungle" shouldn't be hard. The first gate is quite close to your starting position. The river is blocked, preventing you from getting to the other side. The second gate is near the entrance to the "enemy camp" in assault mode.

  • A weird glitch before you enter the area with the bridge and the river, theres an enemy hiding behind the corner shooting grenades. However, the enemy throws grenades impossibly fast due to the grenades having no proper fire rate.

The last gate is before the river shore opposite of the first one. The lunchbox is near the river close to the area you entered. The time portal is right near the last gate.

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