Rumble In The Jungle
Rumble in the jungle
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Honorary League
Section Deadweight
Mode Elimination
Map Vietnam
Character Leo Krupps
Enemies Encountered Nobby Peters
Private Hicks
Private Jones
Lt. Black
Corporal Hart
Rewards Bronze: Leo Krupps
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st in 04:00.0
Gold: 1st in 03:30.0
Platinum: 1st in 02:50.0
World Record: 1st in 02:22.0 (CalamAS)

Rumble In The Jungle is an Elimination match, the main character being Leo Krupps. The weapon selection is mostly made up of explosives and one-shot kill weaponry.

Briefing Edit

It's your chance to be the mane man so don't just leave that gun lion there! Take some pride in your work and wipe your paws with the opposition.

Strategy Edit

Plant proximity mines sideways throughout the map, but beware for any laid by opponents, and make sure you don't run over your own mines!

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