Rocket Man
Ze TSWiki Arcade 18 Rocket Man
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Burns n' Bangs
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Streets
Character Sergio
Bots Venus Starr x10

Venus Starr
Capt. Sand
Medal Requirements

40 kills
40 kills in 02:00.0
40 kills in 01:30.0
40 kills in 01:05.0
40 kills in 00:49.1

Rocket Man is an Arcade League Team Deathmatch in the Burns n' Bangs series. It is considered a hard challenge that requires skill, speed, and even luck to get gold. The only weapons are Rocket Launchers and Homing Launchers.

Briefing Edit

Sergio loves to visit the Streets at night! He relishes the feel of the cold snowy air gusting through his loincloth as he scampers up and down. But most of all, he loves to show off with his rocket launcher in front of all the lovely ladies.

Strategy Edit

The best way to win this is to camp. And the best place to camp is the parking tunnels, not the bigger one, those little rooms without doors. While you hide there, plenty of Venus Starrs will enter so use the Rocket Launcher, as it results in a bigger explosion than the Homing Launcher. When giant groups of Venuses show up, fire into ground at their feet. If you die, just go to another tunnel and resume. Don't forget to gather extra ammunition whenever you can, as running out will prove somewhat fatal. It's possible to get a platinum using this strategy.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the challenge is a reference to the 1972 Elton John track "Rocket Man."