Riot Officer
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2019
Related Characters None
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Riot Officer appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect.


Riot Officer in Timesplitters 2.

The Riot Officers serve as the elite police force of NeoTokyo. They wear grey/black body armour and helmets stamped with the word 'POLICE', and are armed with Sci-Fi Handguns. The streets are always monitored by them, using cameras stationed on the streets and employing Patrol Cars for patrol.


TimeSplitters 2Edit

TS2 Riot Officer Riot Officer

Star 5
Unlock Arcade League > Honorary League > Team Series B > Rice Cracker Rush with Gold
Gallery The NeoTokyo Riot Squad are rigorously trained, acting in all situations to control disturbances with an iron fist.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
16/20 12/20 12/20

Riot Officers feature mainly in the NeoTokyo mission from TimeSplitters 2. If a player is spotted by a camera or the Riot Officer Patrol Car, an endless amount of Riot Officers will pursue. During the end of the mission, the Riot Officers are fighting against crime lord Sadako and her gang of hackers on the streets.

The Riot Squad feature in two Arcade League matches. Hack a Hacker involves them picking off the Hacker gang-members and Rice Cracker Rush involves them fighting-off Monks and Ghost. They also appear in the bot sets for Chasm, Misfits and Compound, the Arcade-home for the NeoTokyoites.

TimeSplitters Future PerfectEdit

TSFP Riot Officer Small Riot Officer

Star 3
Unlock Default
Gallery The NeoTokyo Riot Squad are rigorously trained, acting in all situations to control disturbances with an iron fist.
Gesture Stomps forward and says "Sir!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 6/8

The Riot Officer returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect but has no new role. He only appears in the Arcade League match, Toy Soldiers. He also appears in the Subway and Training Ground bot sets.


2019, NeoTokyoEdit

Main article: NeoTokyo (Story)

The Riot Squad of NeoTokyo were actively watching the streets of NeoTokyo after Ghost became a wanted man, employing an extensive camera network and hovering patrol vehicles. After Ghost and Chastity had uploaded evidence of the actions of Sadako's gang to the police database, the officers were deployed to eliminate the gang.

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to wear a similar uniform to the lower-ranking military officers.
  • His first-person arm is the same as Security.

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