Rice Cracker Rush
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Honorary League
Section Team Series B
Mode Capture the Bag
Map Streets
Character Ghost
Accompanied by
The Master x3
Enemies Encountered Riot Officer x4
Rewards Silver: Riot Officer
Gold: The Master
Medal Requirements Bronze: 5 bags
Silver: 5 bags in 5 min
Gold: 5 bags in 4 min
Platinum: 5 bags in 3 min

Rice Cracker Rush is an Arcade League Capture the Bag game in the Team Series B set of missions in the Honorary League.


Ghost and a crack team of pacifist Monks are taking on the Riot Squad in a running Streets battle for some bags of munchies. The Monks are riding a heavy sugar rush after a rice cracker binge and are pretty wired. So much for non-violent protest!

Strategy Edit

This challenge is considered one of the hardest in TimeSplitters 2, so you better get ready for some insanity here! On the first run through, follow the road and turn off down the route where the Invisibility Cloak is and run to their bag and back as quickly as you can. On your second run, go into the buildings on the left that lead to the big room with the Speed Powerup and run down the road, pick up the bag and run back. And alternate, if you're nearly dead, let the enemy kill you or suicide. If it has been a while before you have been able to get anywhere, remember the quickest route is the speed powerup route. Remember, the Masters do nothing but annoy, so you don't need to worry about them.

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