Ammo 6
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Reload Time 2 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Zoom Yes, x1.33
Primary Fire Single Shot
Secondary Fire none
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Although it can hold only 6 rounds and has strong recoil, the Revolver is a very useful weapon to defend oneself with when cornered by Zombies.


The revolver, a .44 caliber weapon, is the most damaging pistol in Future Perfect, but that comes with a slow fire rate. Its real-life likeness is the S&W (Smith & Wesson) Model 29 .44 Magnum. It is similar to the Colt Pistol in TimeSplitters 1, and the Garrett Revolver in TimeSplitters 2, and is found in the mansion series of levels (Mansion of Madness and What Lies Below) of TimeSplitters Future Perfect. The need for this weapon in the first of the two levels is pretty much short-lived, because not much later, you find the shotgun.

After each shot, the player will automatically re-cock the hammer at the rear of the gun, but this does not really affect continuous fire mode and is only noticeable if the player waits after firing a shot, as this occurs the revolver's ammunition drum also revolves one place, realistic of reality counterparts.

Despite the fact that the shotgun has more power in the story levels, some people might find that the revolver is the safer choice for portions of the levels where there are abundant zombies (such as during "What Lies Below" when you need to save Jo-Beth) simply because of the larger magazine capacity and higher accuracy, making it easier to peg heads off in quick succession, and halt zombies before they can get within range to do any damage.


The Reload time can be cut short slightly by pressing the trigger multiple times while reloading - this shaves off a good half-second, and helps to spring back in crowded situations quickly. Unlike previous revolvers in the series, the reload sequence is almost fully shown, with the swing out drum being emptied, although the replacing of rounds being noticeably sped up for convenience before being spun back into place and the hammer cocked ready for use.

The revolver is also fairly useful in Arcade mode. When a bot is shot, it will flinch as if hit by a shotgun round, giving the user extra time to take action. If timed correctly, this tactic can be used in succession. If the next shot is fired too early, however, this tactic will fail, as the fire rate of this weapon is very slow. This tactic proves to be very useful in Virus, where it is necessary to keep infected enemies at bay.


  • The Revolver is not favoured among the player base, due to its low damage and low rate of fire.
  • The Revolver seems to behave like a shotgun, as the further you are from the target, the less damage you deal. According to the in-game memory, the Revolver and Shotgun both use the same damage type.
  • The Revolver's reloading sounds are taken from it's counterpart in Second Sight, another Free Radical Design game.

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