Ammo 20/180 plasma rounds
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Primary : 4 bps
secondary : 5.75 bps
Reload Time 00:00.47
Damage (per Single Shot)
Primary : 100%/45%/18%
Secondary : 100%/19%/8%
Type Pistol
Native Timezone 2020
Zoom No
Primary Fire Plasma rounds
Secondary Fire Weaker, slower plasma rounds
at higher rate of fire
Games TS1

The Raygun is a fully automatic, futuristic pistol that only appears in TimeSplitters. The design is very comical, especially compared to some of the other weapons of the TimeSplitters series.

The weapon uses the same ammunition as the Raygun Carbine and other SciFi weapons, with two distinctive firing modes:

Primary fire - Fires quick-travelling red lasers. These lasers deal more damage, but if you hold down the fire button, the ROF is slower. With a proper rhythm of pressing the primary-fire button, it is possible to fire the primary fire as fast as the secondary fire, meaning in the hands of skilled players, the secondary fire is practically useless.

Secondary fire - Fires slower-moving red orbs of energy, at a more rapid rate. These deal much less damage.
Raygun TS1

It appears in Planet X as apparent standard issue to Pillar Aliens in the first part of the mission, and also in Spaceways, more commonly wielded by Pillar Aliens and Siamese Cyborgs.


  • When "if best" is switched on, the Raygun ranks as the 9th best weapon on TS1, on the same level as the M16 (x2).
  • Just like most, if not all weapons in the game, the Raygun has no trigger. Developers removing the triggers on weapon models in games was commonplace in the early to mid 2000s to save space.