Ravelle Velvet
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1985
Related Characters Fingers McKenzie (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters

Ravelle Velvet is a character exclusive to the original TimeSplitters. She wears a white, cropped jumper, a small, pink miniskirt and pink boots. She bears a tattoo on her shoulder, red tied-up hair and sunglasses, as well as a necklace and earrings. She is assumed to be a thief.



TS1 Ravelle Velvet Small Ravelle Velvet

Unlock Complete the first set of three Story missions
Gesture Gyrates and dances on the spot, making pleasurable noises whilst turning around. Suddenly she pulls a Minigun out of nowhere and fires it at the player.

Velvet has the role in the first game of being one of nine female Story protagonists of the 18 original characters. Her roles in Chemical Plant, Heist, Bodyguard and the Usual Suspects Bot Set point to her being a thief of some description.


1985, Chemical PlantEdit

Main article: Chemical Plant (Story)

Velvet, accompanied by Fingers McKenzie, successfully stole a case of jewels and hid them in the Chemical Plant. After a SWAT team was deployed with the instruction of recovering them, Velvet had to return to retrieve and move the jewels without allowing the SWAT team to see her, or see her and live to tell the tale.

Trivia Edit

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