Rare or Well Done?
Rare or well done
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section Behead The Undead
Location Mansion Of Madness: Kitchen
Character Gaston Boucher
Targets Carrion Carcass

Carrion Carcass
Medal Requirements

10000 points
20000 points
30000 points
50000 points

Rare or Well Done? is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It involves exploding as many Carrion Carcass as possible, this getting you points to gain the medals and reward.

Briefing Edit

Sacre bleu! It's Gaston Boucher's worst nightmare! Just when he thought it was safe to buy English meat, his cold room breaks down and now the kitchen is overrun by mad undead cows. There's only one cure - triple inoculation. Depeche-toi. Gaston!

Strategy Edit

Quickly kill the cows in waves one and two to beat the par time. After the first two waves are complete, slow down and don't worry about beating the par time anymore. Begin circling the kitchen around the edges in whatever direction you prefer (clockwise seems to work better than counterclockwise). Let the cows gather in the middle at the beginning of each wave (maybe killing a few as you build up the herd). Once the cows are gathered, start killing them very slowly. Try to avoid killing more than three cows at a time. It is usually best to alternate killing two slow cows; this will cause them to each come in on opposite sides, allowing you to kill them as they walk through the doors repeatedly. Remember to never stop moving. Eventually the two cows you have continually spawning will stop spawning, this means that the wave is near its end. At this point you can finish off the group of cows in the middle as fast as you'd like. Repeat this process in every subsequent wave. If done without flaw, this strategy can easily reach a platinum despite the large amount of time it requires to execute.

When you gather the herd of cows in the middle, you may want to shoot each of them a couple times without killing them; this way if one strays from the herd it will only take one quick shot to kill it and keep it from blocking your path and causing you to get trapped.

You will want to observe the pattern of the herd's movement and adjust your speed and path accordingly so as never to get cut off by the herd and trapped.

When you are not looking directly at the cows, they can walk/run through the counters. This means their path will be different depending on whether or not you look straight ahead or toward the middle as you run. Decide which pattern of movement you prefer and then alter your field of vision accordingly.

Try to conserve ammo or shoot where you can pick it up without altering your path so you are never forced to stray from your path to get ammo where you could possibly get cornered.

Reload whenever you aren't firing. At any point you can stop reloading by pressing the fire button, so starting the reload process when you don't have enough time to completely reload does not cause any harm but allows you to have a full clip whenever possible.

Try to make the two cows you continually kill slow cows as killing a slow cow generally spawns another slow cow and killing a fast cow generally spawns another fast cow.

The reason this strategy works is because only so many cows can be in existence at once. By not killing the cows rapidly, you are able to keep them in a herd under your control in the center of the kitchen instead of having them come at you from all directions. This also prevents cows from crawling out of the kitchen floor and blocking you as they occasionally do when the two side areas are full of recently spawned cows.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch that if you go into the freezer or where the corpses are hung and the secret door in story, the timer will sometimes start going into negative numbers.