R-109 Beta
Ze TSWiki Arcade 12 R109 Beta
Game TS2
League Honorary League
Section Maximus
Mode Gladiator
Map Ice Station
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered R-109 x6
Rewards Bronze: Ufopia
Silver: Gladiator
Gold: Lt. Chill
Roman Hat
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st and 15 kills
Silver: 1st and 25 kills
Gold: 1st and 40 kills
Platinum: 1st and 42 kills
Record: 1st and 105 Kills (Fitzy)

R-109 Beta is the 3rd match in the Maximus series.


The latest production run of R-109 prototypes is being combat tested. The most lethal unit will be awarded with a command firmware upgrade. Demonstrate that you are the best.


  • Grab a Homing Launcher and start blasting away, you have to reach 40 kills for a Gold. Surprisingly, a great place to stick around is by the main building. As the R-109 units start showing up, run around them in a circular pattern and blow them away. Since every other R-109 robot has a Rocket Launcher, it's not too hard to get ammo if you're running low. One last thing, be wary of the robots with Homing Launchers, you have to be careful about where those ones are especially otherwise you'll likely get killed.
  • Alternative Strategy, will give platinum if lucky. The speed up is useful so if you start near one pick it up, the Homing Launcher is the better weapon so pick it up if you see it (set Weapon Change to Best). The first task is to find & kill the gladiator to become gladiator yourself. Having done this go into the underground area, do this quickly before you suffer too many hits, there is a Homing Launcher here you can pick up over & over again to keep stocked up, also pick up as many Rocket Launchers as you can as you don't want to run out of both weapons & you will be using a lot of ammo. Being underground you can't be attacked from all directions so have a chance to build up a bit of a score before you get killed. Use the radar & head towards whichever entrance they seem to be coming in from, when you see them blast continuously until they're all dead then head the other way to see if anyone is coming up behind you, continuous sidestepping will help avoid some of the rockets fired at you.