Species Robot
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2035
Related Characters R-109 (9th Generation)
R-110 (10th Generation)
Gretel (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters 1

R-108, or R108, is one of the two playable characters in the Spaceways mission, alongside Gretel.



TS1 R-108 Small R-108

Unlock Complete the second set of three Story missions
Gesture Starts disassembled; when selected, his body parts float up and connect to each other making various robotic noises as they do so, finished by him saying "On-line."

R-108 or R108, is the 8th generation of the R-100 Series of robots. He only appears in the original TimeSplitters , but a R-100 series robot appears in every game. In TS1 he is named R108, but in R-109s gallery information in TimeSplitters 2 he is referred to as R-108. The R-100 series was originally manufactured by UltraNet.


  • R108's voice is given to the other R-100 Series Robots, R-109 and R-110.
  • R108 is the slimmest and smallest of the three R-100 robots that appear in the TimeSplitters series.
  • R108's voice seems to be Jacques Misere's voice, but edited to be robotic.

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