Queen of Harts
Queen of Harts challenge
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Map Spaceport
Character Corporal Hart
Enemies Encountered Prison Officer
Berserker Splitter
Rewards Bronze: All Characters Cloaked
Medal Requirements Bronze: 6 min
Silver: 3 min 30 secs
Gold: 2 min 30 secs
Platinum: 2 min

Queen of Harts is a TimeSplitters Future Perfect Challenge. It works just like the TimeSplitters 1 Story levels. Run to the end, pick up an item and return somewhere. (often the start but not always)


Meanwhile, back in that parallel universe, Corporal Hart is still battling heroically to somehow make a reasonable showing in this game despite having been killed in the prequel. Go for it! Find the time crystal and get to the exit portal as quickly as possible.


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