Priest Mutant
Species Human/Mutant
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1950-1965
Related Characters N/A
Games TimeSplitters 1
Priest Mutant is the mutant appearing only in the original TimeSplitters. He is bald, possesses a hook-shaped left arm, and the left side of his body appears to be severely swollen; his face resembles that of a piranha.



TS1 Priest Mutant Small Priest Mutant
Priest Mutant

Unlock Complete Mansion on Hard
Gesture Grunts and aims pistol at player.
Priest Mutant appears as one of the generic enemies of the Village and Mansion story missions. He also appears in four challenges and is featured as part of a bot set.


1950, VillageEdit

Main article: Village (Story)

In a village in the 1950s, a cursed artifact that heavily mutated the inhabitants was discovered. It is the mission of two scientists, Doctor Seth Graven and Doctor Katje Nadir, to return this artifact for deeper research. However, the mutants seem to be against this, either by choice or via mind control. Only death will stop the mutants from trying to preserve the artifact hidden beneath the village.

1965, Gallows Hill MansionEdit

Main article: Mansion (Story)

The Priest Mutant later appeared in the Mansion story mission, trying to stop Mary-Beth Casey and Peekaboo Jones from returning the cursed murderer's remains to their resting place beneath the mansion's gallows.