Dude, Where's my Platinum?
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
Playing with Fire unlocked
Finder Unknown

This Playing with Fire Glitch is named Dude, Where's my Platinum? because it involves the impossibility of getting a Platinum Medal in the challenge Playing with Fire. The glitch works like this: If you get a Gold Medal in the challenge, it is impossible to get a Platinum.

This glitch happens because although the Platinum Medal depends on how much time you have left after you get 24 bananas, the game counts your score in #Bananas. Since you still get 24 bananas for a Platinum, but you already had 24 Bananas for a Gold, the game has no reason to update your medal, because you got the same number of bananas. If you get a gold, you MUST turn off your system. Restarting won't help. You must turn it off.

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