Pick Yer Piece
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Cut-out Shoot-out
Map Compound
Character Elijah Jones
Enemies Encountered N/A
Rewards Silver: Sgt. Rock
Medal Requirements Bronze: 700
Silver: 875
Gold: 1000
Platinum: 1250
World Record: 1700

Pick Yer Piece is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge. It involves Elijah Jones shooting cardboard cut outs at the Compound.


A lawman needs a gun he can rely on. Elijah's gone down to the Compound to test out the performance of some firearms. Shoot as many cutouts as you can- but remember, accuracy will also improve your score.


This method will give a platinum, the key is learning where & when the targets appear. At the start sidestep to your right then back up slightly this will get you the Tommy Gun, its rate of fire will help hit more targets & its Aim Mode sight is easily moved around the screen (if you want to go for the record/maximum score you might need a different gun but the Tommy Gun will give get a platinum) by backing up you'll also get a character appear right in front of you for an easy 100 points to start. Then get up to the window & shoot them as they appear, go for the middles of the targets especially the near ones. The targets appear several times until you hit them, each time they appear in the same place so remember which ones you got & which you missed as they might appear again.

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