Pane in the Neck
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Glass Smash
Location Siberia: Satellite Dish Area
Character Lt. Frost
Targets Windows (22)

Rotating Heads
Medal Requirements

1 min
30.0 secs
18.0 secs
11.0 secs

Pane in the Neck is a TimeSplitters 2 Challenge involving breaking glass with Soviet S47 Grenades at the area with the satellite dish in Oblask Dam, Siberia.


Those Russian soldiers aren't that bright! Today's military training involves breaking all the glass in the Siberian compound. Nikolai managed this in one minute flat. Beat his time or you'll be the laughing stock of the barracks for weeks!


As you start, go forward and look towards the building to the north (has six windows, three on the top floor and three on the ground floor). Now as you run towards the stairs fire a grenade at the top of the building so it drops down and takes out all six windows. Take a left and go round the corner and pop a grenade into the building just here. Go ahead to another building ahead of you and fire a grenade into here also. Now go back and take the path that is in between the two buildings. Fire a grenade into that two story building that is now to the north east of you. You must fire it onto the top floor at the far right corner, and if done correctly will take out the one in the door and the three windows in the floor below. Then just walk on ahead and fire one through the door of the building ahead of you to the left. Voila! Done. If not all the windows are smashed, simply restart and do it again. This definitely works, and you can get gold easily and platinum is also very possible.

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