The PROMETHEUS series are basic battledroid-style robots. Like most robots, PROMETHEUS are also happy wiping out all of humanity. There are two PROMETHEUS models that both feature only in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. The SD/7 versions were recommended for indoor security, having hands to wield guns. Models made after early 2243 sported a built in force-field, which could be overloaded with electric from the Electrotool or bombarded with heavy fire to deactivate. The SK/8 versions were only used on the battlefield, its only weapon being a large supply of heatseeking rockets.

As with all Ultranet robots, "SD" is the standard edition, whereas "SK" has extra features.



  • Prometheus was a Titan in greek mythology best known for stealing the gift of fire from the gods and bestowing it upon humans.
  • Literally standing close enough to any Prometheus Robots makes you invulnerable to their fire; their arms are too long. Melee these robots to conserve ammo and reduce plasma pollution.

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