Out of Bounds Teleportation Glitch
Requirements Teleporters
Alien Tile Set
Finder 493Titanollante

In extremely rare cases, if a Teleporter is placed on a corner tile in MapMaker mode, the player will be teleported out of the map's boundaries. They will be sent to a black chamber where the Teleporter's intended location is visible. The glitch is similar to TimeSplitters 2's Sky Glitch, but unlike that glitch, it is not useful in any way. Shots from all weapons travel perpetually when fired, with the exceptions of grenades and mines.

These are the conditions under which the glitch occurred:

  • The Teleporter was in a corner.
  • The Teleporter was blue, if my mind doesn't fail me.
  • There was a patrolling Reaper Splitter.
  • The Tile Set was Alien.
  • After the corner where the Teleporter is, there was a corridor that the Reaper was patrolling, followed by another corner with an item, most likely a Time Crystal.