Soldiers have been used in several places throughout the series, usually to stop the protagonists of the Story from succeeding with their set objective.

1924, British NavyEdit


Captain Fitzgerald

During the events of Scotland The Brave, they attacked the Russian Soldiers occupying the island of Urnsay. Although they never actually appear during the mission, they were available in the Arcade of the game.

1924, Russian SoldiersEdit

Pulov Yuran

Pulov Yuran

A group of Russian soldiers occupied the island of Urnsay during 1924 and were under attack by the British Navy during the events of Scotland The Brave.

1969 - 1972, Khallos's HenchmanEdit

Henchman face


Khallos's Henchman were soldiers only used by Khallos. They are known to have been around before 1969, as the Henchwoman were only added, but evidently, they were later dropped within the three intervening years. The two different times Henchman appeared, they had two uniforms, and rather the better units being known as elites, the supposed elite unit, the Dark Henchman, they were just those among the first to get their new uniforms.

1985, SWAT teamEdit


Female SWAT

A SWAT team were deployed to an Abandoned Chemical Plant to retrieve a case of stolen jewels the Story protagonists, Fingers McKenzie and Ravelle Velvet had left there. They however later returned and fought through the team.

1990, Siberian MilitaryEdit



The military were at large, and were set into ranks and forces, though a lot of them stayed around the dam. During the Siberia Mission, the Arctic Force guarded Oblask Dam, and later the Special Forces were deployed to stop Ilsa Nadir and Gregor Lenko from passing through.

2000, SoldiersEdit


Male Soldier

Though their unknown details, a group of Soldiers were deployed to the Docks to stop the Story protagonists, Jacques Misere and Olga Strom from picking up the ransom. They however failed and most were killed.

2401, Spacetime MarinesEdit

The General


The Spacetime Marines were an organization on Earth in 2401 to rebel against the TimeSplitters, and appear throughout the second and third game. Among the group, Sergeant Cortez, known as their best marine fights with them.