Olga Strom
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2000
Related Characters Jacques Misere (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters

Olga Strom only appears in the original TimeSplitters. She wears red trousers and a short-sleeved, turquoise top.



TS1 Olga Strom Small Olga Strom

Unlock Complete the second set of three Story missions
Gesture Turns around saying "Hmm? Hang on, hang on", returns to mobile phone saying "Yeah, give me five". Ends call and pauses for a moment then says "Okay, I'll do it!", then returns to mobile phone.

Olga Strom appears only in the first game. Due to her role in Docks and the Challenges and Bot Sets she appears in, it is presumed she is an outlaw or thief of some kind.


2000, DocksEdit

Main article: Docks (Story)

Olga Strom and Jacques Misere were at the docks to retrieve the ransom pickup and head to the other end of the docks. However, a team of Soldiers were deployed and guarded the docks during their mission.


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