Old Blaggers
Old blagger
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Group Therapy
Mode Capture the Bag
Map Bunker
Character Braces
Accompanied by
John Smith
Fergal Stack
Enemies Encountered SecuriDroid XP x8
Rewards Bronze: Braces
Medal Requirements Bronze: 2
Sliver: 3
Gold: 4
Platinum: 5
World Record : 10 (JudaGui)

Old Blaggers is an arcade league challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Briefing Edit

Braces reckons all this new fangled law enforcement technology's no match for a bit of old fashioned thieving. He's teamed up with a couple of old school mates to show these so called SecuriDroids just how to pull off a heist.

Strategy Edit

This is a Capture The Bag, and you are with two people against eight enemies. Holding the bag restricts the ability to shoot. The accomplices will do a good job of protecting the bag so head towards the enemy bag (using the radar) and try to avoid the bots, as killing them causes them to respawn back at their bag location. Finding a Soviet Rifle will greatly help the cause. When returned to the base, score if possible, although if the enemy have taken the bag preventing the opportunity to score, wait for a teammate to recapture it. Run around the corner and keep circling if any enemies should come along so as to avoid being shot. Be advised, a fast time is needed to get the gold.