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Ninja Garden
Ninja garden
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Elite League
Section Retro Chique
Mode Monkey Assistant
Map Chinese
Character Chinese Chef
Enemies Encountered Gaston Boucher
Duckman Drake
Rewards Bronze : Chinese Chef
Medal Requirements Bronze : 1st
Silver : 1st and 17 points
Gold : 1st and 20 points
Platinum : 1st and 24 points
World Record : 1st and 47 points
(josh, Le Faucheur)

Ninja Garden is an Arcade League challenge in which you are pitted against Gaston Boucher, Calamari, and Duckman Drake in a Monkey Assistant match in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Briefing Edit

It's come to this: Gaston, the Chinese Chef and a couple of their favourite ingredients-Duck and Calamari,in a bitter contest of wok. Cook or to be cooked! But who could have forseen the wildcard intervention of a crack team of Ninja Monkeys weighing in for the underdog? Banzai!

Strategy Edit


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