Nikki Jinki Bricky
Ze TSWiki Arcade 24 Nikki Jinki Bricky
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section One Shot Thrills
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Chinese
Character Nikki
Bots Jinki

Crypt Zombie


Medal Requirements

20 in 2 min 30.0 secs
20 in 2 min
20 in 1 min 35.0 secs

Nikki Jinki Bricky is a Team Deathmatch Arcade League Challenge in the One Shot Thrills series of the Elite League in TimeSplitters 2.

Briefing Edit

Nikki and Jinki have taken over the Chinese restaurant. But it is haunted by the restless spirits who hit themselves on the head with bricks while attempting to master the Brick Flung High challenge from TimeSplitters! Help your sister lay their souls to rest!

Strategy Edit

Try to kill fast. You can't punch so use the aim on the brick and don't be late when throwing. Don't throw wildly, because you can be caught with nothing but your fists! Throw when you know you got them. Be warned that this is one of the harder arcade league challenges, so be careful and do the killing as soon as possible or you could be next.


  • This arcade league match references Brick Flung High, a challenge in the original TimeSplitters.

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