Reflection Room Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters 2
-2-4 player
Finder carrion carcass


  1. One player stands under a ledge. The other player walks up the ledge.
  2. Make the person jump off the ledge onto another person.
    This means you will fallen into the wall if it worked.
  3. Walk carefully down the stairs while you're in the wall, you need to do this to get into the reflection room.
    If you did it correctly, you can now get into the reflection room.

The Jump on Player Glitch is a weird glitch that sometimes allows you to get behind walls. It works in most levels. When landing on the other player, sometimes you can get behind walls. Unlike Aztec and Training Ground, you can't fall to your death.


TimeSplitters 2 Nightclub glitch, reflection room02:43

TimeSplitters 2 Nightclub glitch, reflection room

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