Size Large
Location Sunrise Club, Chicago
Climate Night, Rain
Unlockable Arcade League > Disco Inferno with a Bronze or better
Recommended Bots Big Tony
Louie Bignose
Jake Fenton
Lady Jane
Hatchet Sal
Slick Tommy
Jimmy Needles
Marco the Snitch
Recommended Weapons Luger Pistol
Tommy Gun
Shotgun (x2)

The Nightclub is Big Tony's Sunrise Club, Chicago. In this version however, the Sunrise Club is fully explorable. The story mode part is still there, but the doors upstairs open to reveal the whole club. Additionally, there is a small outside area that features a back alley with climbable fire stairs. There are breakable windows to go outside, as well as an exit. All except for Capture the Bag and Assault modes can be played here. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Bag Tag work well in this map.


  • The menu shot of this arena shows the doors to the club where the player enters in story mode, however this part of the club is not actually open during arcade.
  • In this map is a poster which reads 'The Sunrise Club - we'll make you an offer you can't refuse' which is a reference to the mafia movie 'The Godfather'.

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