Night Shift
Ze TSWiki Arcade 8 Night Shift
Game Timesplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section It's a Blast
Mode Leech
Map Robot Factory
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered SentryBot x2
ChassisBot x2
Rewards Silver: Leech
Gold: SentryBot
Medal Requirements Bronze: 1st
Silver: 1st and 15 kills
Gold: 1st and 25 kills
Platinum: 1st and 50 kills
Night Shift is a Arcade League match set at Robot Factory. Leech is introduced here.


It is a night shift at the factory and the Machinist is having a nap. Time to play! Inject some enthusiasm into the other workers before he wakes up. Your health is replenished by damage inflicted so keep up a good hit rate to stay alive!


Grab a Rocket Launcher and start blowing enemies up, that's all there is to this level, that and speed. You need to make quick kills in this match to get a gold. Everyone starts with a Rocket Launcher, so don't be afraid to use up a lot of rockets. Using the secondary fire on the Rocket Launcher is a good strategy. Watch your back, as the opponents can shoot you from the other side of the map.

The best strategy is to stay on the small platform at the bottom of the large bridge that crosses the map over the factory line. You can have a quick shot at anyone in the map, unless they are right under you. You should use the Rocket Launcher, though it requires good accuracy. The Homing Launcher is slower for killing enemies, but on the flip side, its missiles will follow any targets you've locked onto. Over 70 kills can be achieved with effort.

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