Nice Threads
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Elite League
Section Team Series C
Mode Assault
Map Scrapyard
Character R One-Oh-Seven
Enemies Encountered SentryBot x3
Rewards Scrapyard Assault
Medal Requirements Bronze: 15 mins
Silver: 10 mins
Gold: 5 mins
Platinum: 2 min 40 secs

Nice Threads is the final Assault mission in the arcade league.


United only by a passion for dressing up in silly costumes, R107 and Leo Krupps join forces to storm the Scrapyard Control Room. It's a death defying assault against the SentryBots- but watch out for those thread lasers, Leo! Oops, too late.

Strategy Edit

  • For this one scenario specifically, this is more useful.

For the best chance of completing this, the Lasergun is an important weapon to use due to its secondary fire (shield). At the beginning, find the Lasergun, which is on the left inside the building, and enable the shield. This provides protection from the turrets. Try to avoid the SentryBots at all times as they are very powerful, so let Leo Krupps take the flack. Keep running until reaching the turrents that have a Rocket Launcher. The Homing Launcher's secondary fire is the ideal way to dispose of them. After collecting ammunition, there are even more turrets. Aim for the nearest with the homing launcher's secondary fire again, and if this doesn't destroy it, makes sure to retreat to safety. After passing this part take out the Lasergun again and reactivate the shield. Keep moving and pass through each room until reaching one with two turrets that shoot plasma bullets. In the centre there is a pillar that can be used for cover. Just keep running, take a left, and the end of the level is within sight.

  • Alternative Strategy, get the Plasma Autorifle which is slightly to the right of where you start, the run generally towards the airlock, but heading for the right hand corner, there is a fixed laser in this corner, approach it so the scenery shields you then as you reach the scenery send 1 or 2 plasma grenades towards the laser, if you get killed without destroying this laser then restart but if you've destroyed it then it's worth continuing from the respawn, if so then head for this corner again. With the laser destroyed keep close to the wall so the other lasers can't hit you, get into the entrance & collect the armour & Plasma Autoifle. Sidestep to open the doors & send a plasma grenade in as there are 2 fixed guns in there, once there destroyed rush through, ignore the fixed gun which drops grenades in this room & from now on try to push your way past the SentryBots & leave them behind rather than fight them, not easy but sidestepping helps both as you approach & run away from them. You'll probably respawn several times in this room, when you do start by getting the armour & Plasma Rifle in the airlock. Rush down the corridor which is to your left if you've come from the airlock, after a couple of turns & a straight bit there's an alcove on the right, send a plasma grenade in here to destroy a fixed gun. Next you come to a small platform on your right, stand on this and look harder right & send a plasma grenade up at the fixed gun, as you come away from the platform put a plasma grenade in the middle of it as there's a fixd gun under it. The next platform should have a Plasma Autoifle on it which you can pick up then leave another plasma grenade in the middle as there's another fixed gun under the platform. The 3rd platform is of no interest but the 4th should have a Homing Launcher on it so pick it up & use it from now on, if you don't have it you'll have to do your best with plasma grenades. Follow the corridor down & into a larger area, as you come into this area there's a fixed gun ahead, use alternate fire on the Homing Launcher to destroy this, as you get near it turn right & there's another one so use alternate fire function again, it's unlikely you'll destroy both of them without being killed. If you're facing the 2nd of these guns then the the route is to your left, go in & you should find some armour, then as you come into a room aim up to destroy one fixed gun then turn around to destroy another one above you. Continue straight through this room & follow the corridor, when you come to a larger area you need to turn right, ignore the fixed gun here. Then follow the corridor again, go straight across the room with the pillar in it then there is a turning to your right which says control room, go in there follow it for a moment then it turns to your left immediately after that is a turning to your right which you need to take, there's a fixed gun in there which you'll probably need to destroy, then turn to your left & the finish point is ahead of you.


There are big similarities with But Where Do The Batteries Go? so if you're chasing awards on both it's probably worth doing them together to make the most of your knowledge.