The weapon's appearance in the TS2 beta.

The "Mox Weapon" is a weapon that appeared in TimeSplitters 2. Its appearance resembles a laser version of the Tactical 12-Gauge. In the PS2 version of the game it is not visible at all. The weapon fires multiple lasers, and is used by some of the Mox on the Return to Planet X story mission. The weapon has two fire-modes. Its primary fire is an orange triple-helix laser, and its secondary shoots 3 green orbs in a linear area that arc as they move away from the gun (all 3 hitting an enemy killed them in one shot). Though these colours match the colors of the two Mox races in the mission, both fire-modes are used by all Mox.

This weapon was removed from being a selectable weapon, and is the only weapon that the player can never wield. However, with use of codes & hacks, a player can equip this weapon, albeit without a real model.

The weapon loosely resembles the Raygun Carbine of TS1 and was probably intended to be a replacement for it, albeit it acting more like a futuristic, shotgun-like weapon for it's secondary fire, and a lasergun for its primary fire.

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